Series Overview

It’s true! Churches can do some strange stuff. The big question is, “Why?” In this series we will look at things we do as followers of Jesus that some consider strange. Amazingly, the strangeness goes away when you explore the reasons, the purpose and meaning behind the actions. Weird becomes wonderful when we know why.

Why do we do that? The ultimate answer is crystal clear – to be obedient to the commands of Jesus. Obedience to the teaching of Jesus is a huge part of what it means to be a disciple.

Sermons From This Series


April 11, 2021

When the church was born in Jerusalem something amazing immediately began to happen. They began gathering and meeting together – a lot! Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together…


April 18, 2021

Jesus never asked his disciples to remember His birth.  But He did instruct them to remember his death and resurrection.  Jesus gave us two visible reminders of the gospel, his…

The Lord’s Supper

April 25, 2021

What was going through your mind the first time you saw people take the Lord’s supper together? In the ancient world people who heard weird things about people eating the…


May 2, 2021

Almost everybody prays, but why? Jesus prayed and he created a great example for us. His prayer life was rich and obvious his early disciples asked him to teach them…