Unhindered - Sermon Series - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

The Book of Acts ends with a declaration of the unhindered progress of the message of Jesus. There is no greater force on the earth that God’s church. Not even the gates of hell can stop it! God’s power and his kingdom are always unhindered. Are you? Are you living an unhindered life?

Sermons From This Series

Unhindered Future

September 24, 2017

Luke’s official history of the early years of the church ends with an amazing word – unhindered! What does that mean? It means for 2,000+ years God’s people have been…

Unhindered Worship

October 1, 2017

Not everyone gets it. The first and greatest commandment is to love God with all you are. When we love God and put him first – that’s worship! Don’t miss…

Unhindered Community

October 8, 2017

We all need authentic relationships. We know we need community. Aloneness is not good. We need real people time. More time on Facebook actually increases your chance of depression. Two…

Unhindered Service

October 15, 2017

You can’t be in the evangelism game in the 21st century without being in the compassion game. If you’re not in the mode of loving your neighbor and meeting needs…