Series Overview

Does the Christmas season leave you feeling exhausted? Christmas should be a time
of peace and joy, but too often it’s a source of stress. So how can we move beyond all
the seasonal activity and clutter to actually enjoy the true meaning of Christmas? This December we will learn secret of an uncluttered Christmas to make room for what God says really matters – his son Jesus!

Sermons From This Series


December 2, 2018

While Christmas should be a time of joy and celebration, it’s often a source of stress. The Christmas season can blow through our lives like a hurricane that leaves us…


December 9, 2018

Some holiday family situations are really messy. Broken and blended families can create high stress demands and competing priorities for holiday time. This year if your family, your relationships are…


December 16, 2018

In Bethlehem the community was in chaos. Every house was crowded. The demands of government made it that way. We know the story. There was no room for Mary and…


December 23, 2018

The world was busy when Jesus was born. It still is! And is a busy world it is very easy to lose sight of what matters most. We really do…