Threat Level - Sermon Series - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

Traditional, blended, single, multi-generational, alternative – no matter what adjective describes your family chances are it’s under pressure. This series is designed to give you truth and tools to counteract the threats to your family and faith and to thrive at home.

Sermons From This Series

Communications Breakdown

April 29, 2018

Family Threat #1 – lack of clear communication. Without effective communication the smallest problem can grow into a mountain. How well does your family communicate? Do you struggle? 1 Peter…

Fractured Faith

May 6, 2018

Family Threat #2 – limited faith life at home. How important is faith in your family? How do I place real faith in the everyday life of my family? Don’t…


May 13, 2018

Family Threat #3 – Unmet expectations. Sometimes family life doesn’t meet our hopes, dreams and desires. Then what? There’s a John 13:24 choice we can learn to make that always…


May 20, 2018

Family Threat #4 – Pressure to conform and busyness. Everywhere in our society family is under pressure to fit in, keep up, and get ahead. How do I resist the…


May 27, 2018

Family Threat #5 – money management, debt and financial stress. Financial stress is wrecking marriages and families at a record rate. How can my family experience financial freedom? Proverbs 13:16…