Series Overview

Series Rationale
Big Idea of the Series: God’s story sounds like a great movie story line. God’s story for all eternity consists of a Son who slew a Dragon to save a Bride. The hero of God’s story, his Son, is a great example for all of us to follow. In living out his mission Jesus models for us a life of character and invites us to be like him.

Series Summary
Summer at the Movies ’19 will focus on stories and scriptures about the importance of good character. Everyone has character traits, good and bad. God’s Spirit is constantly empowering us to grow the character of Jesus in our own lives.

Sermons From This Series


June 30, 2019

There is a place in life called “enough.”  The more we move away from that place the more we are at risk.  Agur prayed a great prayer. “Give me neither…