Summer at the Movies 2018 - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

Summer at the Movies ’18 will focus on stories and scriptures about the importance of relationships. We need community. In this series we take a look at four one another commands from the Bible through the lens of four iconic film stories from the 80’s. Living out these commands helps us grow the character of Jesus in our own lives.

Sermons From This Series

The Power of Friendship

July 8, 2018

Film Story: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off We need one another. Ferris learns that any day goes better when you take time share it with friends. “Be devoted to one another…

Love Conquers All

July 15, 2018

Film Story: The Princess Bride We need love. Westley demonstrates real love for Buttercup by his service. How do you demonstrate love? “Love one another.” John 13:34 NIV Big Idea:…

Words Create Worlds

July 22, 2018

Film Story: Back to the Future We need encouragement. Marty learns to use the power of loving words to change the future for the better. What kind of future are…

The Power of Sacrifice

July 29, 2018

Film Story: Little Mermaid We need help. Ariel makes a choice that requires the king to make the ultimate sacrifice. Sound familiar? “Treat one another as more important that yourself.”…