Elephant in the Room - Series Graphic - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

An “elephant in the room” is an obvious problem or challenging issue that no one wants to discuss. In this series we set aside our discomfort and shine the light of God’s love and truth on significant issues we all face.

Sermons From This Series


September 9, 2018

Fanaticism is usually not hard to spot. In some arenas of life over the top, fanatical behavior can be fun, entertaining. But when fanaticism becomes dark, angry, and mean spirited…


September 16, 2018

Preconceived opinions not based on reality – we’ve all experienced them. That means here is prejudice in our culture, maybe even in you and me. Racism, sexism, classicism, elitism, ageism,…


September 23, 2018

Every day people die by their own hand. There are probably as many causes for suicide as there are victims. We live in an emotional age and we are constantly…


September 30, 2018

Identity is a big deal in today’s world, especially when it comes to gender and sexual behavior. Who are we really? Are gender and sexual orientation really the keys to…


October 7, 2018

Sometimes the elephant in the room is your faith. In a world of clashing cultures, it seems okay to be just about anything but a Christian. “Sometimes I don’t tell…