Series Overview

What does it look like for me to have a fresh start, a do-over, when I’ve missed the mark?

In a friendly game of golf, it is a mulligan. In gaming it’s an extra life. In a track meet it’s called a restart. In circuit breakers it’s a reset. In Etch-A-Sketch it’s a clean slate. And in life it’s what we all need. How often have you wished for a do-over?

The Bible is so honest. The people we meet there are flawed like us. Peter was a cursing coward. Paul was a persecutor. Jonah was a disobedient, angry racist. Moses was consumed with fear and anger. Rahab was a prostitute. Elijah was a pouting prophet. Zacchaeus was a tax cheat and thief. David was a wife stealing, lying, polygamous, conspirator. God offered each a do-over!

God is so good. Jesus is so loving. They Holy Spirit is so gentle. God truly is the God of second chances. Because of grace a do-over is possible. In this series we will learn from real people how we to seek and use a fresh start.

Sermons From This Series

I need a do over

January 5, 2020

We know their names.  His name was Simon. Her name was Sinful.  We do know their jobs. She was a prostitute.  He was a Pharisee. We even know how self-aware…

A Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Do-Over

January 12, 2020

David couldn’t get much worse.  His behavior was sinful, scandalous, sick.  Nathan, God’s prophet, describes David’s actions as “utter contempt for the Lord.”  Wow! David mismanaged his conduct in a…

A Relationship Do Over

January 19, 2020

Sonny was the instigator in the story of a broken family.  He was tired of life at home … so he left! He dipped into dad’s bank account, ignored his…

A Financial Do Over

January 26, 2020

Zach had life wired.  He was rich, head of his firm, a real one-percenter … and desperately broke!  There were two big bricks missing from his impoverished personal and economic…