David - Sermon Series - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

He was a shepherd poet, a warrior who worshipped, and a giant slaying mega sinner. Most of all he was a man after God’s own heart. David faced and killed a literal giant. But he also faced some internal giants (fear, anger, lust, isolation/depression) he battled for a lifetime. He wanted the ways of God to be his ways, but that was a struggle. David had to face his imperfections. So do we. In this series the inspirational power and example of David’s life, his success and failure, will help us see ourselves, face our own imperfections, and begin to overcome them.

Sermons From This Series

Overcoming Fear

June 3, 2018

All his life David found himself in uncertain, fearful situations. He faced threatening giants, killer kings, and angry enemies who all wanted him dead. In every situation David learned to…

Overcoming Depression

June 10, 2018

David was down, really down. He was on the run, isolated from his community. He was bummed by his circumstances. He was downcast, depressed. David found a way to lift…

Overcoming Anger

June 18, 2018

Payback! Revenge! Get mad! We’ve all wanted to balance the scales when we are wronged. But is personal pettiness and revenge the best way, the way of God? David learned…

Overcoming Lust

July 1, 2018

David knew God is a special way, yet he sinned horribly. David was at the top of his game, but, he found himself alone at night looking at stuff he…