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Series Overview

Nothing is more important than your personal connection to God. What are you doing to strengthen that connection?

Sermons From This Series

Through Prayer

August 5, 2018

Has your experience of prayer weakened through time? It’s possible to be well versed in the mechanics of prayer and still miss God! What do you do when it feels…

Through Bible Engagement

August 12, 2018

David calls it a light and a lamp. The ancient psalmist said it is right and true. Paul said it was useful and a sharp sword. Jesus said it is…

Through Baptism

August 19, 2018

One hundred forty-six times baptism is mentioned in the New Testament. Clearly, your baptism matters. It certainly matters to Jesus – he commands it. Have received it? Big Idea: Connect…

Through Worship

August 26, 2018

To worship is to declare the worth or value of the one or thing you worship. Do you value your connection with God? Praise him and thank him for it…

Through Communion

September 2, 2018

Sometimes it is shrouded in mystery. For some it becomes routine. But, God always wants it to be something more – a time of deep connection with a loving God…