Series Overview

The mission God has for you and me, his people, is often distorted and confused. But Jesus was clear in Matthew 28:18-20 – go and make disciples of all nations! In this series we will explore our personal engagement in our mission from Jesus.

Sermons From This Series

Me and Jesus

October 14, 2018

Jesus has all the authority in heaven and earth. What’s the right response to the authority of Jesus? To bow down before him as King! To give yourself completely to…

Me and Others

October 21, 2018

God loves people and wants everyone to be saved. That’s why Jesus commands each of us to go to people and share his good news with them. Will you? God…

Me and Eternity

October 28, 2018

Jesus promises to be with us now and forever. Eternity is real. Heaven and hell are real. Are you ready for eternity? Are you helping others to be ready for…