ABCs of Financial Freedom - Sermon Series - River Hills Christian Church

Series Overview

Do you want to be joy of being debt free? Do you want to turn things around in your life and be free of financial bondage? You can! This teaching is not just another “how-to” series. It is a “Why not?” series. Why not live debt free lives? Why not manage your financial life God’s way? It is practical, effective, and timeless. It always works. These messages are for the mature and the beginner, for the generous and the stingy, for the financially free and those who want to be.

Big Idea: Being financially free is within the reach of anyone who wants that goal.

Sermons From This Series

Attitude Adjustment

November 1, 2015

You’ll never change your current financial condition until you change your attitude. That’s where it starts. The first step on the road to financial success is to change our attitude…

Bondage Breakaway

November 8, 2015

Debt is a trap. Going into debt makes you a servant to someone other than God. Debt is subtitle bondage. The average person in America has no concept what their…

Calculated Choices

November 15, 2015

We are the ones who decide which we receive: burdens or blessings, problems or prosperity. The choice is ours. So how can we choose to be blessed instead of burdened?…

Defining Choices

November 22, 2015

Where are you headed? What’s your goal? You will decide. If you know where you are going the next step is to follow a plan that will get you there.…