Series Overview

The sermon on the mount is a kind of new challenge. Through Jesus’ words God is calling to your heart. He is calling you stretch, to grow, to climb higher. He wants you to have some straightforward, practical, eye-opening information that impacts your life, that makes life work.
We live in a data rich world. Knowledge of many things is abundant. But, wisdom is in short supply. Yet wisdom is our greatest need when we face a challenge at work or home or in our own heart.
•How do we get rid of anger and end contempt?
•How do we get rid of fatal fantasies?
•How do we put the divorce courts out of business?
•How do we speak the truth in all situations?
•How do we get beyond the urge to heal our hurts by striking back?
•How do we treat our enemies with radical love?

We need sound advice from someone we respect, someone who knows how life works. That someone is the world’s best teacher, the world’s smartest guide, Jesus Christ. In his “kingdom manifesto” he offers practical, straightforward, eye-opening wisdom. He gives high-impact insight that makes life work.

How well do you know Jesus? How would you like to know him better? Between now and Easter, for the next 70 days, we want to spend at least 10 minutes a day getting to know Jesus better. Our 10|SEVENTY journey with Jesus is not just a Sunday morning thing. Using the teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount we will follow Jesus, live by faith, and bring someone with us every day.

Sermons From This Series

My kind of life

February 9, 2020

It was different.  It was incredible. No one had ever heard anything like it.  One day Jesus taught a large group of people about life in a way that revolutionized…

3-D Happiness

February 16, 2020

Who can get in on the good life?  Many people think that a high-quality life is far beyond their reach.  Not true. Jesus makes it clear that the Kingdom of…