Relational Community

Join us in a relational community that connects with Jesus and God’s word.

We are about relationships that help people to trust and follow Jesus.

Join Us at the Connection Cafe

Want to know a little more about River Hills? Join us for an informal luncheon and Q&A time with Jeff Metzger, our Lead Pastor. Find out what River Hills is all about. 

River Hills is a great place to worship. We are new to the church and people there are so friendly and helpful. I love the sermons and singing. 
Again an Awesome place. 
God Bless

Join an existing Connect Group

At River Hills, we believe small communities can have a positive impact on your life.

Connect Groups are gatherings of people who get comfortable, invest in one another and encourage one another to grow. Simply put, groups at River Hills are intentional about doing life together.

God meant life to be lived and shared with other people. Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between, we know that most things are better when they’re shared — movies, music, the Bible, opinions, Skyline, etc. Wherever you are on your life’s journey, there’s a place just for you at River Hills.

“For us its about connecting with people. Being able to actually have a deeper relationship with people that are at the church. We have built a really strong friendship, we call our group the village because we basically help raise each others kids.”

Circle up and start your own Community 

Why YOU should host a Connect Group:
1. You can help people connect to Jesus and others.
2. You can take the next step of your spiritual journey.
3. You can create a safe place to belong.
To host a new Connect Group, get a few friends together, make some popcorn, then watch and work through the Circle UP! video. 

“I was somewhat unsure and nervous about starting my own connect group, but the materials and constant encouragement from Charles made my hosting experience effortless.”