What is our strategic vision for River Hills’ Future?

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 KJV

Connecting people to God and one another.

Without vision nothing very good happens in life. Where there is no vision for a healthy family, discord and divorce is common. Where there is no vision for a debt-free lifestyle, we can be the richest country on planet Earth and yet the one swallowed by the most debt. Where there is no vision for our bodies, you can desire a six-pack, but end up with a keg. Where there is no vision for life, people find it hard to get through the day. That’s why God never leaves his people without his vision.

Our Founding Vision

This is God’s dream for River Hills. God is raising up a church that has high impact for Jesus locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. River Hills Christian Church is committed to this vision. By God’s grace this is what we will be. What is God’s vision for River Hills?

It is the dream of . . .

A life-change church where people experience God, follow Jesus and are saved, transformed and involved in a step-by-step, measurable process of becoming fully devoted, fully developed disciples of Christ.

A church where people at every stage of their spiritual investigation and development are welcome without question or condescension.

A balanced church pursuing all the Creator’s purposes for his people with a strong emphasis on: dynamic, supernaturally empowered worship; using gifts and abilities in service and ministry; evangelism, mission and a spirit of outreach; community, meeting real needs and binding up the broken hearted; discipleship, personal growth, personal holiness, prayer, spiritual disciplines, and accountability.

A church committed to excellence in all things.

A cutting edge church with high-tech communication values and methods.

A loving church with high-touch community values and abundant grace.

A biblical church with high-truth core values and commitments.

A dynamic church with a relevant, warm, high-energy style.

A church lead, managed, and administered by a team of godly, full-time and volunteer staff.

A church with non-sectarian, non-denominational, trans-denominational spirit that builds strategic liaisons for the sake of Christ.

A church that ultimately touches thousands in multi-functional, people-friendly, communication-oriented facilities in garden-like campus settings.