About the Journey

The 10 | NINETY app gives you all the resources you need to complete our 90 day challenge. How well do you know Jesus? How would you like to know him better? Between now and Easter, for the next 90 days, we want to spend at least 10 minutes a day getting to know Jesus better. Our 10-90 journey with Jesus is not just a Sunday morning thing. Using the biographies of Jesus, especially Luke, we will live with and learn about Jesus every day.

App will be availble soon. Please stay tuned for an announcement!


Daily Challenges

Current: Week 4

Access a laid out calendar with daily challenges for you to become closer with God and community.

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Current: Episode 7

Tune into weekly podcasts that discuss and raise questions about each weeks message, and what to be thinking about going forward. 

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Current: “Radical New”

Ability to watch LIVE sermons on Sunday, along with our most recent sermons at your disposal.

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